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JCOMX \'ja-käm-eks\ (pronounced jay-com-x) is a division of Third Dimension Group, Inc. Winston Jeffrey (Jeff) Compton is CEO & Creative Director of Third Dimension. Formally known as Third Dimension Graphics, JCOMX operates in three distinct areas creativity: GRAPHICS, MULTIMEDIA & PRINTING.

There is more to design, than just looking good. We consider ourselves visual & psychological marketing engineers. The thought that goes into a logo, flyer, video or website, blends great design with the psychology of marketing that allows your design marketing material to elicit the right response from your target audience. Whatever your project may be, JCOMX Image Media has the experience and know-how to produce amazing images in creative ways.

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The Team

Jeff Compton

Jeff Compton

Founder, CEO - Graphic Designer
Codie Ball

Codie Ball

Designer/Office Manager


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