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Jeff Compton

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Jeff Compton is more than an author and behavior expert, he is a dynamic professional speaker with over 10 years of experience. Jeff’s material is cutting-edge and scientifically sound, and through entertaining stories and comic timing, Jeff makes his top-notch material come to life.

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Jeff Compton

Business Network International

With over 190,000 members in 7,300 plus chapters worldwide, BNI® is the largest business networking organization in the world. In 2015 alone, BNI® members generated millions of referrals resulting in over $9.3 billion in closed business worldwide.

Who is BOB

Who is BOB?

Who is BOB? BOB is an acronym for “Brains Ongoing Behavior” a term coined be Jeff in his book, “When BOB Barks: the Psychology of Breaking Habits & Getting What You Want!” The purpose of BOB can be explained in this short video. However, to get the full potential of BOB, bring Jeff into speak.

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Epic Response

Travis Brown

Travis Brown is a professional speaker. JCOMX has the honor of producing all of Mr. Borwon's marketing material, including his marketing videos. This is a 1 min promo.


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The great thing about animated videos is that you don’t have to have a voice-over. You can say what you want to say with just animated words and picture. This type of video works well on social media as well as on your website.


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When words and picture just can’t get the point across. Sometimes you have a lot to say, and a short time to say it. If that is the case then a voice-over video works best. The reason being that you can say a lot more in the same amount of time.