• We are loving details, and deliver handmade masterpieces.

    We are loving details,
    and deliver handmade masterpieces.

  • Brand Identity Screens Atlanta
  • Web Shop Websites
  • Marketing Material Sales Sheets & Order Forms
  • Screens Atlanta

    Screens Atlanta is national screen manufacturing company that provides custom screens exclusively for Home Depot and Lowe's. When they came to us, they were prepping for their initial sales meetings with Home Depot and Lowe's. We designed all of their marketing material to take this local business national.

  • Websites

    We designed and hosted their two websites created exclusively for each home improvement giant. The websites were a combination of interacted instructions and video designed to help Home Depot and Lowe's customers properly measure and order their custom screens.

  • Sales Sheets & Order Forms

    When Screens Atlanta presented to Home Depot and Lowe's, one of the requirements were to bring sales sheets and order forms - Screens Atlanta later told us how impressed each company was the design of the material. The combination of great pricing, and excellent sales presentation and marketing materials design by JCOMX turned this small business into a national powerhouse.

  • Brand Identity Shevi De Lux
  • Photography The Photoshoot
  • Marketing Materials Marketing Materials
  • Shevi De Lux

    Shevi De Lux is a professional model who focuses on vintage pin-up. Shevi came to us for a complete marketing makeover. We designed her a logo that personified the genre of photography in which she was involved.

  • The Photoshoot

    Besides the graphics, and marketing materials, we oversaw the photo shoot and did the image editing that resulted in the marketing material created for Shevi. The picture became a poster that was later sold as a fundraiser for veterans.

  • Marketing Materials

    We custom designed her business and comp cards. Along with a corresponding website.

  • Brand Identity Mr Mojo
  • Printing Anti-Bullying Program
  • Publishing Resource and Book Publishing
  • Mr Mojo

    Met Mr. Mojo (a.k.a as Travis Brown) on the speaking circuit a few years back, did a brochure for him because he liked mine. He was so blown away by the design that as he grew into the foremost authority on bullying, we ended up doing all of his marketing material, book and resource publishing, website and social media and the Anti-Bullying Kit that is a big part of his mission.

  • Anti-Bullying Program

    The Anti-Bullying Program was a major undertaking by JCOMX. We designed all covers, flyers, audio and dvd covers and over 60 individual full color posters! The success of the Anti-Bullying Program is mind blowing, it has helped of 1 Million kids in schools across the U.S.

  • Resource and Book Publishing

    We have designed every book cover that Travis has ever had. We also design his resources too. We published Travis' very first book and have created over ten different resources (audio and dvd) for Mr. Mojo as well.

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