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Multimedia, Digital & Print


Video Production

Resource & Book Publishers (Digital and Press)

Printing & Duplication

One of the most intimidating steps of self-publishing a resource or book is designing aesthetics of the book or resource material that you’ve worked so long and hard to write. Some authors think about the way their finished product might look long before their book is finished, while others will not think about it until it becomes absolutely necessary.

The other problem that authors face are duplicating their work over many platforms. JCOMX Image Media has been in book, magazine and resource publishing since 2004. We have the know-how to take you through the entire process of production, from cover design, interior design of your book. Audio or Video layout for yor resources and production in the many platforms that you need.

You can trust your project to JCOMX Image Media.

Book Publishing


Book Printing & Digital Reproduction

Book Publishing Services

One-stop book design: From concept to print, and more!

Cover and Interior Design

Award-winning book cover design. We cover all aspects of your book's design for print and digital reproduction.

E-Book Conversions

We can convert your book to the e-Book format of your choice, so that your audience can connect with your work easily across various devices.

Audio Book

We can create an audiobook of your book. With you as the narrator or hire one for you. Our post production is professional grade.

Printing & Publishing

We can print your book (offset printing or digital), create an ISBN, barcode and ship your book to you or a distributor.

Audio & Video Resource Production

Digital, CD & DVD Publishing Services

We can take your recorded video and audio and turn it into a money making resource!

Cover and CD/DVD Design

We create professional covers for your project as well as CD/DVD disc design. We also can print workbooks etc.

CD/DVD Duplication

We are a one stop shop for all of your projects. We can duplicated your project and have it shipped to you or to a distributor.

Digital Production

With our audio and video editing services we can edit and produce a high quality video or audio.

Digital Publishing

Nomatter the format you need we can produce your audio or video for digital download or to host on sites like SoundCloud or Audible.

Each project is quote at the best possible price, to ensure quality and value.

Pricing Options

Book Publishing

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All Projects are Quoted
on an Individual Basis
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Interior Design
  • Typesetting and Layout
  • ISBN Number & Barcode
  • E-Book Converion
  • Audio Book Production
  • Book Printing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Editing and Proof-reading Services
Are Avialable through a Third Party

Terms: 100% Upfront

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All Projects are Quoted
on an Individual Basis
  • Custom Package Design
  • CD/DVD Disc Design
  • Workbook, Brochure or Study Guide Design & Printing
  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Mastering and Disc Setup
  • Duplication Services
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Free file setup for downloads and uploads to
services such as Audible & Soundcloud

Terms: 50% Upfront %50 Upon Completion

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All Projects are Quoted
on an Individual Basis
  • Branding & Custom Logo Design
  • Book/Resource Promo or Explainer Videos
  • Author Business Card Design & Printing
  • Book Postcard Design & Printing
  • Author Websites
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Back-of-the-Room Signs & Banners
  • Business Cards
  • Author One-Sheets
Terms: 100% Upfront

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A Few Simple Steps Is All It Takes


You create the content for your book or resource. We have a secure file storage server that you can upload your orginal files for sharing & collaboration.


We will edit your book, video or audio to create a final product that meets only the highest standards & ensures that your book or resource is of professional quality.


Packaging is the most important part of the process for us. Ever heard the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? There is a reason for that.


The final phase of the process is to publish your book or resource. From printed to digital copies we can produce your project in any medium needed.
“Jeff Compton and JCOMX has been our go-to graphics company since 2001. Every image, that represents us is created by JCOMX, no excuses. From our website to our marketing materials, Jeff and company can do it all!”

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