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Business to us is more than just building a great design. We build relationships! Meet the fabulous organizations that we have done business, and continue to work with! It's not hard to see that we love what we do and it shows by what some our clients have to say.

“Everytime we start a new marketing project, my first call is to Jeff Compton and JCOMX Image Media. Whether I need consulting on the project: videos, photography, graphics or printed materials, Jeff's the guy!”


  • Screens Atlanta

    Logo Design

    Screens Atlanta is national screen manufacturing company that provides custom screens exclusively for Home Depot and Lowe's. When they came to us, they were prepping for their initial sales meetings with Home Depot and Lowe's. We designed all of their marketing material to take this local business national.

  • Websites

    & Hosting

    We designed and hosted their two websites created exclusively for each home improvement giant. The websites were a combination of interacted instructions and video designed to help Home Depot and Lowe's customers properly measure and order their custom screens.

  • Sales Sheets

    Multiple 4 Color Printing

    When Screens Atlanta presented to Home Depot and Lowe's, one of the requirements were to bring sales sheets and order forms - Screens Atlanta later told us how impressed each company was the design of the material. The combination of great pricing, and excellent sales presentation and marketing materials design by JCOMX turned this small business into a national powerhouse.

  • HQ Payroll Solutions

    Logo Design

    HQ Payroll Solutions is the new division of our longtime client HQ Solutions. Keith Knew came to us and said that he has a new company and his direction to us was “Just do what you do”. We started with the research of all his competitors and then we created a logo that fits the industry and conveyed the right message.

  • Full Color Brochure

    4 Color Printing

    Since we had an earlier 4 page brochure that we created for HQ Solutions which was a huge success for Keith, he wanted to us to create another one for this new business. We chose to make his brochure match his trade banners and website.

  • Banner

    & Table Throw

    One of the biggest part of HQ Solutions (and now HQ Payroll Solutions) is trade shows. Keith needed a table throw and a floor banner that he could pack in his suitcase to travel on a plane. We designed and created his table throw and banners.

  • Congressional Bank

    Brand identity

    Congressional Bank is a national bank who came to us to rebrand their mortgage department. We started with all their marketing materials which lead to doing a specialty website to promote their mortgage branch. We are under contract for entire bank’s graphic needs.

  • Marketing Materials

    Multiple Avenues

    We design wide range of collateral for Congressional Bank. Everything from their business cards and stationary to sale sheets and flyers. We have also been contracted to do custom infographics and social media graphics.

  • Website

    Design & Maintainance

    We designed their mortage branch website created exclusively to reach new and potential mortgage clients. The website ise a combination of interacted instructions on how to get a loan and more information on the mortgage branch of the bank.

  • Shevi De Lux

    Brand Identity

    Shevi De Lux is a professional model who focuses on vintage pin-up. Shevi came to us for a complete marketing makeover. We designed her a logo that personified the genre of photography in which she was involved.

  • The Photoshoot


    Besides the graphics, and marketing materials, we oversaw the photo shoot and did the image editing that resulted in the marketing material created for Shevi. The picture became a poster that was later sold as a fundraiser for veterans.

  • Collateral

    Marketing Materials

    We custom designed her business and comp cards. Along with a corresponding website.

  • Mr Mojo

    Brand Identity

    Met Mr. Mojo (a.k.a as Travis Brown) on the speaking circuit a few years back, did a brochure for him because he liked mine. He was so blown away by the design that as he grew into the foremost authority on bullying, we ended up doing all of his marketing material, book and resource publishing, website and social media and the Anti-Bullying Kit that is a big part of his mission.

  • Training Resources

    Anti-Bullying Program

    The Anti-Bullying Program was a major undertaking by JCOMX. We designed all covers, flyers, audio and dvd covers and over 60 individual full color posters! The success of the Anti-Bullying Program is mind blowing, it has helped of 1 Million kids in schools across the U.S.

  • Resources & Books


    We have designed every book cover that Travis has ever had. We also design his resources too. We published Travis' very first book and have created over ten different resources (audio and dvd) for Mr. Mojo as well.

  • Zyeus Consulting

    Corporate Identity

    Dr. Allen Curreri contacted us right after he completed his dissertation and earned his PH.D – He wanted us to create a complete corporate ID which included the logo, stationary and website. The purpose was to win contracts between $3M to $5M and his corporate image had to convey that he was worth those kinds of fees. Allen was very happy with what we created, and now he is a very busy consultant.

  • Stationary

    4 Color Printing

    We created Allen’s business immediately after the logo was perfected. That way he could start getting his name out there as soon as possible. We also designed and printed his letterhead which was just as important because all of his bids would be presented on the letterhead.

  • Website

    & Hosting

    For most consultants their website is their biggest marketing project. Allen needed a website that would convey that it was more than just him working on his client’s objectives.

Before & After Projects

  • Firehouse Gym

    Logo Design

    Firehouse Gym came to us build their new website. During the preliminary consultation, it was decided that they needed a new logo. They were in talks to franchise their business. They thought that the logo initially designed by one of the employees, was too cartoonish, and wanted something that would stand out.

  • Before

    The logo shown, although was a good idea it lacked a professional touch. The fonts used were uneven, and were stretched to fit properly in the circle, however it did not achieve the objective. The edges of the circle we jagged and the black outline was uneven in some places around the circle.

  • After

    Our final design that was approved. We decided to take it completely away from the cartoon appearance and give it a realistic look. We took the firefighter’s helmet, which was the most cartoonish and replaced it with a real helmet. The rest of the logo took shape after that.

  • Media Seahorse

    Website Development

    Media Seahorse came to us about designing a new website that would be mobile-centric. There website was extremely out of date. (Designed on an obsolete web design program called FrontPage years before.) It is important to note that if you are not MOBILE-CENTRIC your website will not be given priority in Google searches.

  • Before

    The first thing that screamed at us about the website was not only the antiquated format was the lack of design. This was a marketing company that took random pictures of a seahorse to convey its image. The name of the website was limited to the font afford it within the template. We decided to take it to the next level.

  • After

    We design a logo that incorporated the seahorse. We gave the website a starry interactive background and made it mobile-centric. What that means is if you pull it up on any laptop, tablet or smart phone it will fit perfectly in the format without the hassle of constantly scrolling back and forth to read the page.

  • Winston Jeffrey Photography

    Photo Editing

    We offer professional photo editing services to photographers and graphic designers. A professional photo editing service is a service that is meant to improve the quality and beauty of a photo. Some photo editing services may also change the scenario of a picture depending on how the owner of the picture wants it to appear.

  • Before

    We are open for partnerships with all photographers, cinematographers, movie producers, advertising agencies, studios, small business, e-commerce website, newspapers, designers and freelance artists. We can do a quick turn-around as well.

  • After

    We offer photo editing, restoration, retouching, post processing, background removal and amazon photo editing services. We also can create prints, posters and photo-books.

  • HQ Solutions

    Sales Sheet Design

    Our client HQ Solutions had a sales sheet that they created on PowerPoint. They had an upcoming trade show, and wanted to spruce up the flyer and get them professionally printed on high gloss paper. Of course, they wanted to make changes to the existing flyer, which we consulting on.

  • Before

    We do more than just reproduce your graphics and print your marketing materials. JCOMX is Jeff Compton and Codie Ball. Between us, we have over 25 years of marketing experience. We know how to give your project that extra something to get you noticed and increase your sales.

  • After

    In each project, you not only get top quality graphics and printing at an affordable price, you get FREE CONSULTATIONS! We will sit with you and help you plan your marketing, we will tell you what will work and what will not. You get much more than design with us. You get someone who will help you succeed.

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“Jeff Compton and JCOMX has been our go-to graphics company since 2001. Every image, that represents us is created by JCOMX, no excuses. From our website to our marketing materials, Jeff and company can do it all!”